The Needle And The Spoon Testo

Testo The Needle And The Spoon

Thirty days, Lord, and thirty nights.
I'm coming home on an aeroplane flight.
Mama waiting at the ticket line,
tell me, son, why do you stand there cryin'?

It was the needle and the spoon
and a trip to the moon
took me away,
took me away.

I've been feeling so sick inside.
Got to get better, Lord, before I die.
Some doctors couldn't help my head,
they said, you'd better quit, son, before you're dead.

With the needle, with the spoon,
with the trip to the moon,
they gonna take you away,
they gonna take you away.

I've seen a lot of people who thought they were cool
but the again, Lord, I've seen a lot of fools.
I hope you people, Lord, can hear what I say,
you'll have your chance in this some day.

Don't mess with a needle or a spoon
or a trip to the moon
or they'll take you away
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