When You Got Good Friends Testo

Testo When You Got Good Friends

(Allen Collins -- Ronnie VanZant)

You got to love ol' Charlie Daniels

You got to cut the rug with Wet Willie too

And you got to be a fan of the Marshall Tucker Band

Before I'll sit down and have a drink with you

Yes, Bakersfield has got ol' Merle Haggard

He's a bad, bad boy, yes indeed

Nashville's got a million and one guitar pickers

But I guess my favorite would be the CDB


Yes there's a few good rockers in New York City

Guess the big LA, it never cared for me

So won't you tell all them Hollywierd writer people

That it just don't make a damn

When you got good friends like me

Never dick on good ol' Waylon Jennings

Or Willie Nelson, Bob Wills or me

Well they're playin' that good ol' country-western

You know this thing they call the Texas Swing


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