Tuppen And Littlemother Testo

Testo Tuppen And Littlemother

Tuppen and Littlemother, live next to oneanother. Both have blue eyes, light yellow hair. Bows in their plaits, bows on their shoes. Aprons with pockets in, they both have. Home from school they walk nicely hand in hand. They knot eternal friendshipbonds daily. But suddenly one day they started fighting: Now you can never come home to us anymore! You can't play anymore in our yard. I'm not friends with you anymore! I'm going to slide on our cellar shutter. While you have to stand and outside and watch. You can't climb in our trees anymore. Cause I don't love you! You can't play in our yard anymore. When you're so mean to me! The way to school was dreadfully long. When they were walking each their way, for the first time ever. Lesson after lesson passed - not a word. Both were almost crying, the sorrow was so big. But in the last break Littlemother can't take it anymore: Tuppen! I'm so regretting what you know. Let us be friends for eternity. Come over to our yard! I'm not mad at you anymore! We can slide on the cellar shutter. While the others are watching. You may climb in our trees Only you and me can do that. Come with me to our yard. Cause I love you so much!

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