Wait For Me Testo

Testo Wait For Me

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
(Lyrics by Marion Raven)

You're tired of longing and waiting by the phone
And all you get from me is a sappy love song
But I'm tired of flying and hearing the busy tone
Well I sing for a lot of people/but I'm also sleeping alone

Wait for me
I'll come back to you you know because I want to
Wait for me
Will you make it through
Please tell me that you'll
Wait for me
And I will wait for you

You want me to come back a perfect summer day
Where we can be together that's what you always say

Well,I know I'll maybe come back a day or two in May
But, Maybe I won't leave again
Yes maybe I will stay


You know that I will
Wait for you
I'm waiting here still
I'm waiting for you
And I hope that you will

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