Wait For Me Testo

Testo Wait For Me

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
(Lyrics by Marion Raven)

You're tired of longing and waiting by the phone
And all you get from me is a sappy love song
But I'm tired of flying and hearing the busy tone
Well I sing for a lot of people/but I'm also sleeping alone

Wait for me
I'll come back to you you know because I want to
Wait for me
Will you make it through
Please tell me that you'll
Wait for me
And I will wait for you

You want me to come back a perfect summer day
Where we can be together that's what you always say

Well,I know I'll maybe come back a day or two in May
But, Maybe I won't leave again
Yes maybe I will stay


You know that I will
Wait for you
I'm waiting here still
I'm waiting for you
And I hope that you will

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