What You Do About Me? Testo

Testo What You Do About Me?

I wish that I was her and I wish that she was meYou gotta let her go, and I know that you agree'Cause how could this ever start? if you're afraid to break her heart?You say you love me so, you have to let her knowChorus :All that she wants is you, all that she sees is youAll that you gotta do, it's to set her freeThat's what, that's what, what you do about me?Love's not an easy thing, always somebody gets hurtI know you were meant for me, even though she saw you firstBut deal with her honestly, I won't let you cheat with meI guess you never knew, what you put yourself into?[Chorus]We could beautiful, we could beautifulWe could be so special, we could be wonderful[Chorus] x 3(We could beautiful) what you do about me?(We could be so special) what you do about me?(We could beautiful) what you do about me?(We could, we could be) ah haa

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