She Wants To Play Testo

Testo She Wants To Play

Freaky, freaky girl, won't you shake it shake it for me baby
Freaky, freaky girl, won't you shake it shake it for me one time, time, time, time
Ohh, she's hot like fire
She's every man's desire
Like the way she's moving my way
I can tell she wanna play, play
She wants to play, she wants to play, play, play, play
Baby, I love it when you act don't need a flirting
You make me wanna getting on it dirty
On the floor, on the floor
Let's get naughty, let's get naughty
You and I, na na na (2x)
Now we so drawn to each other
And this temperature gets hotter
Oooh, uuuh, fo sho, for sure
This is mutual attraction
You've showing me
Some of that sensual seductions
Freaky, freaky, girl, I want ya, I want ya
I want you so bad and you make me so bad
Ain't no exception
Freaky, freaky girl, I want ya, I want ya
She wants to play with me
Coz I got things you see
She wants to play (she wants to play with me), I think she's fine, fine, fine, fine
She wants to play, so I say fine, fine, fine, fine
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