Back In Da Day Testo

Testo Back In Da Day

Yea, I just wanna see you doing good ugh

[Verse 1]
From the first day I met you I knew you were special
You had a lot of drama but I used to protect you
Being you was nieve I could not let you
Do a lot of things so I had to correct you
Thinking that if you went left instead of right
Right now what would your life be like
And me you know I love the good life
And you I know you hate the hood life
I watch you as you turn and turn
And burn and burn from all your decisions
You could be a christian rich somewhere
But you ain't choose to listen so get somewhere
Its never too late till its too late
Right now If you's with me you'd be living in a new state
Riding around with new plates
Living in a new place
But you couldn't tell your crew wait
Come on

[Chorus - Female Singer]
I wanna go back to the days
You stayed and you were loving me
And I was loving you
I wanna go cause I would do so many things so differently
Baby me and you would still be together
I wanna go back to the days

[Verse 2]
I see you on the beach
Feed her rose petals
I tell you the truth but then you wanna go settle
A girl like you is on a whole other level
Tried to move you out the hood but you scared to leave the ghetto
I told you anything you say you can have it
With me I always spend a million on my fabric
Established and lavish carrots is a habbit
I'm married and that don't mean I want you looking average
I thought you known that take you where your zone at
Peeps in the street talking like they own that
I talk truth but they only want facts
When you wanna do right you know where your home's at
I tell you wait on Lennox that means wait a minute
Bracelet tennis face it we finish
And just because you're not my girl
It doesn't mean you're alone in this world


[Bridge - Mase singing]
I'm in love with a girl named Tyler
I'm in love with a girl from Mississippi named Tyler
I'm in love with a girl named Tyler
I'm in love with a girl named Tyler Betha
I said Tyler Betha
You know I'm in Love
I'm in love with a girl named Tyler
I'm in love with a girl from Mississippi named Tyler



Yeah H World
Mason Betha
This that feel good music
That thing that get in your soul
Before you know it
It done took hold of you haha
Everybody out there right now
It's about 4 o'clock 5 o'clock matter of fact LA time in the morning
We done did this for you
You hear me just for you
We back you know it you hear
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