Camoflauge Love Testo

Testo Camoflauge Love

featuring Storm Peaches[Mac]Check this outWhen you makin' love to the Camoflauge Assassin' (Camoflauge)You call it Camoflauge Love (Ugh)IightTake all night (Just right)[Mac (Peaches)](Uhhhhh)I enter your body just like I shot itI feel yah hardBumpin' and pumpin' that Lodi DodiFrom the (Uhhhh)I can see that's what cha want itCherishing every moment like the last hopeAnd I don't cum fast until yah clutch meWhisperin' (Mac fuck me) in my earsMy up and downs got you sheddin' tearsAm I what you expected?Ain't nothin' I corrected at timesI'm just amazed by the site of you nakedYou gotta respect it and forgive me if I'm roughAnd I enter tah spend a whileI've been on a role tryin' tah make a million with my rap styleI kiss yah lips and feel the fireworks as yah ride meListenin' to many rippleton come inside me (Come inside me)Ain't no secret, Im'a add it for your touchTellin' me yah love me so much, but I ain't goin' forJust menchin' in now that we fuckin' like some newly wedsDon't let this go to your head, I'm camoflauge[Chorus--Mac (Peaches)]Camoflauge love all night (Give it to me)Make me come on and ah (Don't stop)You bring the weed, Im'a bring the Pereon (Uhhh)Camoflauge love all night (Give it to me)Make me come on and ah (Don't stop)Lock the doors and unplug the phones (Uhhh)Camoflauge love all night (Give it to me)Make me come on and ah (Don't stop)You bring the rubbers, I'll put up the 100 bones (Uhhh)Camoflauge love all night (Give it to me)Make me come on and ah (Don't Stop)Maybe it's your tone, got me visualizing a song[Storm]Camofluage lover, oh this fine muthafuckaA pussy add up to this sentual spot toucherMy pain crusher, never the cum rusherThe only one to get up in me with no rubberSlip in me like butter, keepin' in formAll day, all night it's 'bout that bad bitch StormAnticipating his touch, my shit stay sealed tightHe can feel my insides all night, every night, fuckin' rightShow your skills nigga, put that thang on mePlease me or relieve me, and let your body hang on meFar from phony, this niggas a TRU representerI'm claimin' what's mine, that's my dick and my niggaMy soulja got me dressed up in them see-thru fatiguesAnd we goin' to war, yes indeedThis what I need tah feel the way he makes me feelDamn, only if this nigga was realI wish he was real[Chorus][Mac (Storm) talking after chorus](Ahhhh, haha)In a songThat's just right there

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