That´s Hip Hop Testo

Testo That´s Hip Hop

Say man, niggaz say No Limit ain't hip hop. Man these old fake ass niggaz don't even know what hip hop is. Why don't you show 'em what hip hop is? I'm 'bout to show a nigga what hip hop is. Nigga gimme a motherfuckin' beat or something nigga. Motherfuckin' clap or something. Mac: So uh, who's ya favorite rapper Do he really got skills Is he real Can he flow like this nigga who murda kills Is he a fool Or you like him cuz his single was cool His video got bitches in bikinis hoppin' out the pool Is he complete Do he got tight lyrics and tight beats Do he write his own rhymes Do they sound like mines Is he one of these niggaz who's on Or is he just some other niggaz clone with no fuckin' style of his own You probably like thugs You probably like to fight in the clubs You probably like him 'cuz he talk about murder and drugs He's such a thug What if a nigga told you he lyin' Would he still be yo' #1 or would you change yo' mind Did you listen to his LP or just one of his songs Is he type that just go on and on about being the don Or what he drive, where he live at Tell him you don't wanna hear that You around and GET jacked fuckin' WIT Mac! Mac: So who he sound like Mystikal, Makaveli, or Bone Wu Tang, Nas, or Jay Z Man, niggaz are crazy Niggaz will steal yo' style and fuck around be dissin' you Knowing you the main nigga they be listenin' to So what you like his voice What he make you moist I mean what Did he sign ya autograph when you met him Did he look at you strange and call his bodyguard like you was tryin' to sweat him Did he try to fuck? Did you let him? Did he etll you he was diggin' you And after he fucked you he got rid of you Promised you he would send for you Let him penetrate ya Then you find out he ain't really got no paper Now ya saying he raped ya I know the game is tight, it's alright, it's so terrific What I write is so profilic when it's to a beat that I can live with

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