Let's Go Riden Testo

Testo Let's Go Riden

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Lets go riden (will you ride with me)
lets go riden (will you ride with me)
lets go riden (will you ride with me)
lets go riden (will you ride with me) and get high tonight

I fresh of the interstate doin figure eights
Oh how these niggas hate
when nigga skate
Im up the block with mark doin knots
As I think about the hash that I just got from josh
Pass it to ? say lets get blunted
said uhhh look like eleven five hundred
what do you mean?
thats hash you fool from my whiteboy partna in sabastapol
Now we riden siden
fell kinda lavel yall niggas with the
babble my niggas tryin to have mail(ching ching)
Jackels, kick yo door off the hinges
you know Im relentless
you Im a pimp bitch
M-dizzle respect my sizzle
certified and all official
yeah it nothin
lets do it
full of the fluid
aint nothing to it
thought you knew it baby
hide with me
come ride with me
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