Retro Dance Record Testo

Testo Retro Dance Record

Mic check 1 , 2 uhhh
Ima thro it back
Ima thro it way
Like wammy when he was havin them rimmy attacks, wit yo mutha
here we go

Verse 1
Now this is how ima break it down Scott made da beat
I like tha sound
Now im at the plate, Hes on da mound
I hit him out da park never on the ground
Verbally gifted
Herbally twisted
Simplistic, but futuristic
No lipstick
No mascara
I want a bitch that blow like Irene Kara
I bring terror, scare and fright
And dont go light if dare they might
On da mike
Pretty Tony
If i was dey age dey be my homies
Shrimp Alfredo
I say Tomahto not Tomato
Ima musician, Lookin fo groupies
And if ya listen I do it groovy
It really moves me when i here a funky beat
I come wit heat that make me get up out dey seat
I make em freak, I make cheat
I can make dem buy it and bring the receipt
Tweet-a-leet, whistle to da rythem
I wanna see ya do the Thizzle to da rythem
Bounce, Drop, make it pop
Nah one drop can make it stop
Now bring it back yell like that
Im kinda cheat it dont feel like dat

Chorus x1
Ima Pimp throw it back do it baby Retro
Big booty shake it mommy ghetto
Fa you id walk to Modesto
You look special shake mommy lets go
Throw it back
Do it baby Retro
Big booty shake it mommy ghetto
Fa you id walk to Modesto
You look special shake it mommy lets go

Verse 2
Christopher Columbus, Marko Polo
Solano County, Sakanyolo
All afternoon i got warrants
I drive wit no liscence or insurance
My boy in Florence, Colorado
He a legend like Candy Maldonado
El Dorado drop tha rest
School boy glasses and Fila fits
BMW's Mercades Benz Stunna glasses without the lense
Spinnin rims tremendous Knocks
I almost forgot I got a center shot
To that Punk Rock Bitch who made me cummy
In Ten seconds flat man she dumb
Man she dumb doin it live
doin' 'bout a buck o' two-hundred-five
Tools brotha Melly Mel
Hit Thunda Valley
Cant you tell
Millions, Skrillions lots of cars
R&B singers, Movie stars
Rave music n' DNA Hyphy CR you and K
I said Rave music n' DNA Hyphy CR you and k
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