Thizzelle Dance Testo

Testo Thizzelle Dance

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
(feat. Chuck Beez)

Hello everybody...(Hi)..
I like to introduce you to the Thizzelle Dance...(Thizzelle Dance?)
Thizzelle Dance I said..
Can you do the Thizzelle Dance?

[Mac Dre]
First, I do like this
Put a look on my face like I smelled some piss
Bounce to the beat till it start to hurt
Then I dust all the smirk off mi shirt
Dip to the ground as I catch the bass
Then I wipe all the sweat off mi face
Hop back up then I start to slide
Poping my collar as I glide
Then I break the thang down and do the bird
Dust myself off like I just stole third
Come on everybody now's the chance
Fuck the harlem shake this the Thizzelle Dance

[Chorus x2]
Dance, Thizz Dance
Thizz Dance, Thizz Dance
Can you do the Thizzelle Dance?

[Chuck Beez]
First of all I hope you got you a juice
A Thizzle because its time to pop you a few
Then you gasp, brake, start the jet
Bounce with the car as it start to shit
Then you open up the car doors
The whole damn car low
Hopped out the Impalo
While you let the car roll
Ghostride the whip while you ride the strip
Here's your chance to do your dance on the side of it
While you at it the passenger and driver switch
Then hurry up and jump back inside your shit
Hanging out the rooftop
Do not get ooh-aahed by them foo's cop that tryna have you got
Other than that you and your boys coon big
You wanna learn the coon stay tuned to thizz
Hoochie-mama freaks, get yo man
And show them nigga's how to do the Thizzle Dance

[Chorus x2]
Dance, Thizz Dance
Thizz Dance, Thizz Dance
Can you do the Thizzelle Dance?

Ahh, what, Thizz... ahh Thizz what..
Ahh, what, Thizz... ahh Thizz (what)..

[Mac Dre]
When I do it they say I'm killin it
The look on my face mean I'm feelin it
Just like the niggaz that I'm chillin wit it
You can't do the thizz unless your pillin it
This is the last verse then I'm sellin it
After this niggaz gon be stealin it
This is hip-hop with no Johnny Gill-in-it
No New Edition or Prince when I'm spillin it
I'm 12 years strong and I'm still in it
Now I'm slugged up
And diamond grillin it
I don't care who woman I'm dealin wit
I do the dance with Nancy Limchillinwit

[Chorus x2]
Dance, Thizz Dance
Thizz Dance, Thizz Dance
Can you do the Thizzelle Dance?
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