Soak Some Dope Testo

Testo Soak Some Dope

Stright motha fuckin game
Yeah, in 1994 yung black brotha record takes
His list to a new level of mobishment
Start this shit off with yung mac ass mall
And it's sic with this single motherfuckas

[Mac Mall:]
Wus up partna, I got that shit fo u do
Sum of that crest side slam that got u feelin' real cool
I got tht 81 boi tht shit that sits right inn
Neva servin' the fedi, it's all good to spin
If u was one of my cuddies then I would give u a sample
But I'm your first time fuckin with
I'm not sure u can handle
That type of shit tht I'm servin on the 24 track
I'm in there all damn day
That's why they call it tht
U won't have to take toke a pope or a hit
Smoke 5 up or even sniff
Kick back and relax
And turn up the beat
As I go deep into this rap and fo fill
Yo needs of every money hungrey niggas hustlin' on the strip
And every dumb yo wet pussy freakish bitch
I kno u love this shit and got u feelin' fly
It ain't nothin' but game so let into yo mind
And this is brought to
By Y B big and the yungstah from this quickly cest faculty
I take it to caree he cut it down fo me
And now I'm servin them all like a straight up G
To the A to the N to the G S T A and I'm goin along punk so I can free yung mac dre
So if u like this shit and u think that u can cope just play the tape nigga
And soak some dope
Ya and soak some dope
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