Reanimator (the March Of The Undead Part 3) Testo

Testo Reanimator (the March Of The Undead Part 3)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Feel the life inside a remnant of the tide that raged within when you were still alive never mind the cries listen to the lies while we?re waiting for the dead to rise while we wait for them to rise The world belongs to those who stand out from the rows of wayward and misguided silent souls History is shamed By people laying blame To everyone who doesn?t feel the same the sun fades beyond the water as we bring on the night Sleep and fade away (tonight) Inside these walls we wait (our lifeforce drains) To change takes more than to remain Therefore we lay - back - in the comfort of our chains Sleep and fade away inside these walls we wait Wake up to the silence after judgment day "I fall asleep and fade away in the dark. Too tired to keep going, I want to remain this way. It's better to do nothing but wait. It's better to just beeing like this."

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