Now I Know (interlude) Testo

Testo Now I Know (interlude)

This weed got a motherfucker thinkin’ too much
But since they already want a thing from me
Fuck it

Now I know, Now I know, Now I know
Now I know, Now I know, Now I know

Look, now is it just me or is this shit crazy?
I mean we still nobodies but damn
Come up from where we from?
Who would’ve thought we’d be this famous?
Critics hate us, promoters played us
Rappers copy what I’ve created
Signed to a major, that ain’t change shit
One year later, bitch I made it
Out the basement, out of all them shitty as jobs
In the kitchen with the nametag apron
From homeless to a hometown favorite
Broke every stereotype, I got named with
So mother fuck the world with a nase did
So I bust these bars cuz they caged us
Never trust the lords cuz they flagrant
Whips and chains cuz I’ve been affidavit
Suits and ties and courtroom’s for arraignment
Hugs and tears for the jails I’m facin’
Put some bills in the pavement, black rags hangin’
Lettin’ the world know we bangin’
EST is what I’m claimin’
EST is for life baby
Two figures up till the world lace up
And if you ain’t say it now what the fuck you sayin?

Now I know, Now I know, Now I know
Now I know, Now I know, Now I know

How can you judge someone you’ve never known?
Speak on what they felt and you've never gone
Man I get dough and this city gave birth in this
How the fuck can I not call this home?
I did my best walk in this city
Seen some of the best get mugged in this city
And although I love it there’s crap in the bucket
Gotta keep you like sweatshirts up in this city
Cuz it’s a cold world when you hide shit
People keep sayin’ you changed even though you the same
But now you just got shit
But I can do without the fame
Because it was fuck you then they loved you
And everyone want pictures of you
Their family members start thinkin’ you pagan
All of a sudden this thing is your uncle
Radio stations want somethin' for nothing
The plug is the pilots, things get to they head
I’m one of the best, but it part of the trend
It’s not how you flow with your clothes instead
Man I am a prodigy, fuckin’ apology
I am new, why I’m accepted or not?
I throw my L up cuz even when I'm down
These two fingers down here is all that I got

Now I know, Now I know, Now I know
Now I know, Now I know, Now I know
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