Crew Cut Chuck Testo

Testo Crew Cut Chuck

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Oh let me tell ya bout 2 guys I know
ol' crew cut chuck an afro Joe
well crew cut sang and Joe played sax
collecting their money in a hat
well the rent was due and the food was gone
ol' crew cut knew it was time to move on
that's right the more back to back's what
always talking and Alabama won't stop till someone go!

Well they packed their bags
and they left town
doing their damndest
to make new ground
well they packed their bongs
and they smoked mass
doing their damndest
to kick some fucking ass

Well their first gig was wild and rough
bunch of rowdy punks thinking they were tough
fights broke out out and folks got mad
then crew cut chuck and Joe looked bad
crew cut chuck thought they'd kick some ass
nearly threw a man through glass
well that was it/that and they could not stay
because the police came and took them away

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