Last Breath Testo

Testo Last Breath

Still awake on a winters day
skies are gray and it's cold
Smoke signals from my last cigarette
Lets me know that it's finally getting old
Everybody hates me for the night before
The man you saw wasn't me
And now there's blood upon the bathroom floor
I've got a disease

Wait a while all I need is a friend
Come on stay a while won't you please understand

I'm fucked up with nothing ahead by the end
I know that I'll never get sober
And I'm fed up with this miserable life after death
I know that I've taken my last breath

Memories of how it used to be
Painted thick on my walls
Cold illusions pumping through my veins
Felt them there but I didn't hear them call
Washed away all my darkest fears
Shoved them down to my soul
I keep them aged llike a vintage wine
I'm sure they'll come out when they're ready to go
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