Beyond The Line Testo

Testo Beyond The Line

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
the demons are scratching and the devil is watching with his gun
the timeless adventure of madness ain't lot of fun
when zombies are creeping and starting to moan
while they eat your flesh down to the bone
run to the end of time in the underworld
you're beyond the line
take a look into the inner wardrobes of your mind
you're gonna be surprised what you might find
but don't ever show the truth of your thoughts
cause they locked up others and ripped their souls apart
run to the end of time in the underworld
you're beyond the line you're beyond the line
on a demonomania
you're in a rubber cell and they'll never ever let you go
but it doesn't matter cause your mind isn't on this planet anymore
god has lost another sheep one more time
it's believers luck there more space in paradise
run to the end...
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