Communication Breakdown Testo

Testo Communication Breakdown

communication breakdown
see us standing on the other side
communication breakdown
our heads up high - united for the fight

well, i don't want lobotomy, don't need no therapy -
you won't take it, can't take it away

no, you won't change my point of view 'cause i can see through you -
you can't hide it, can't hide it away

this is malfunction to the society,
but i don't like you and i know you hate me

well through the streets i hear the call our rise is gonna be your fall -
we stand as one back against the wall

let's bop till you fuckin' drop, your reign has got to stop -
and we 'll blow you, blow you away

this is destruction to the society
cause i don't like you and i know you hate me

working class sickos, psychobilly banditos,
punkrockin' chickas let's pull the triggers
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