Sin Is Law Testo

Testo Sin Is Law

there is a vibe of madness in the air tonight,
that makes us feel alright
yeah i got a rocket in my pocket and speed in my veins
gonna fight till the morning light
we're in a mess and we've got things to do
the walls are a shakin' and there ain't no taboos
wanna break every single rule

what is wrong, what is right
the sin is law tonight
what is wrong, what is right
the sin is law tonight
here at the racket at 711

hey hell-o mr. host tonight we had a show
and we're looking for a place to stay
we gonna enjoy your hospitilaty
drink down the bar and leave without paying

yeah, yeah the gang's all here and we're going berserk
in a 10 quid single room
we have sex in the shower, white rocks on the sink
crash out on the floor, pass me another drink
yeah it's six o'clock and i can't get enough
burn this motherfucker down, 'cause some like it rough
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