To Walk The Night Testo

Testo To Walk The Night

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
60 seconds and we're alright
Sunset's gonna wake the mind
60 seconds and we're alright
To walk the night
Till the morning light

Open eyes when the day has died
And the darkness makes its mark
The shadow's creepin' through the alley ways
Here in babylon after dark
Stars hang duskie in the smogtown sky
Until dawn our hearts will shine
The night is the playground that we all obey
And we won't take no last ride in a hearse
We're bound to walk the earth
We are forever


Hookers and vampires and all you lost souls
Drifting through the twilight zone
We move with the vibe of the dangerous night
And hit the sack when the sun's comin' back
Annie, Polly, Mary and Jack
Lived to die by the cold heart fact
That the night is the playground that we all obey
And we'll dance on the graves of the fuckin' squares
Oh yeah, forever

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