New York City Testo

Testo New York City

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I see it every day
Everywhere I look they say
Another life has been taken away
It makes my stomach turn
But livin' here you gotta learn
Get used to it, it's reality
Say your prayers
Hope it won't happen to you
Mind you business
Do what you gotta do
Don't look for trouble
Sometimes trouble finds you
What can you do, what can I do ?

One on one fights don't exist
Fist fights are extinct
Nowadays people don't seem to think
They can't see how easy
It is to set a soul free
That decision is not theirs to make

[Repeat chorus]

Now you see what I mean
Protecting my family and me
What can I do ?

It makes my stomach turn
But livin' here you gotta learn
You gotta fight back when someones
Tries to take your life from you
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