Esta Loca Testo

Testo Esta Loca

Yeah boy .... Madd Rapper .... Beatnuts ....
You know how we do .....
My nigga Rambo, One Life 2 Live ....
Crazy cat boy

Esta Loca darle juevo
dame chocha, you dont get dinero
si te gusta, dirle huerpa
rub my pepe, I rub your teta

[Madd Rapper]
Yo Yo Yo hey pretty momma, you look sweet
I mean you the mamacita Ive been dying to meet
beautiful in a day in July and May
last summer at the puerto rican day parade
I said "mida chica, que te pica?"
tu me ore, toda vida
I kick it to her like a real thug should
bacardi limon, hydro in a black wood
my name is dot, you hot boo, how you do
like ricky ricardo, I hit them with the bobbaloo
"yo yo man Im on your deric boo for real"
combination of Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez
aint nothing like a spanish chic my friends say
that loves head, salsa, merengue
mi favora con esta chocha
like Ricky Martin, livin la vida loca


I love a morena, or latina,
even a china or blanquita
or get pounded by the heavy gringa
no need to turn this into Jerry Springer
start a big fight over Big Syke
we can all pitt fight and get drunk tonight
baby you want to hold hands and slow dance
candle light romance no chance
I need a muchacha mala even badder than don
dominicana, colombiana, let me do the honors mami
you know exactly lo que quiero
I knew from the getgo, that the honey was ghetto
but she started screaming
"Beatnuts Im a brooklyn model"
She's a mac, well dot I know her from corona
you can bone her, just show her some bread
she's a paloma, cccccooooo, ccccccooooo

[Chorus: Repeats until skit]
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