How To Get Bigger Testo

Testo How To Get Bigger

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Streets are wrapped,
childlike faces smooth and blank.
firm young flesh,
hung with paper crowns.

pull me up from where we are,
the big keep getting bigger,
and their hearts keep getting harder,
an imaginary game,
eating at every living thing,
a wide mouth dripping with sarcasm,
a bloody fat slash grinning over,
bleached white-fang teeth,
that glow like green warning signs of sickness,
taking for your kind,
and running with you winnings,
they're just running with your winnings.

staring ahead and hearing,
voices saving useless things,
about how to be better,
about how to get bigger,
it's your knight on white horse,
turn it all around,
the world is just for you,
but you don't want to take it,
ah - you must be useless!
and you must be lazy,
have enough then,
with insipid grins,
that swallow hard and
Bear. Big. Burden.

this place is getting tighter,
and all around the angels scream
and close the gates of heaven,
a division of the ages,
try to swallow wings of traitors,
robbed of being really human,
And the voice drip with sarcasm like
bloody fat slash grinning over
white-fanged teeth that glow like green
warning signs of sickness
and running with their winnings
they're just running with their winnings

Big are getting bigger and
Hearts are getting harder
An imaginary game,
eating at every living thing,
a voice dripping with sarcasm like,
a bloody fas slash grinning over,
bleached white-fang teeth,
that glow like green warnings
warning signs of sickness,

but little things add up
a barbed-wire fence of stiffened spines
broadcasts violent death through flashing blinds
look at their faces
Keep it all inside.
if not, we'll all go down together,
a coward's crawling death,
the paper king's big dinner.
look at their faces
and down into their eyes
and the vacant, glaring, certainty
of nothing, ever, anywhere
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