A Bad Ending For Such A Great Movie Testo

Testo A Bad Ending For Such A Great Movie

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Will you try to understand me
Before you walk away
And don't hear me

Tell me why and tell me how
I have reached the bottom of my life
And you're not here with me

Who knows if I would find the way to forget you
But the question is, I really wanna leave you?

Now you are not here
You've got me
I've heard your last regards
I've heard your last regards

Tell me what you wanna feel
I'll do my best,
Don't forget this request
I'm begging you.

Everyday without a hope,
Flowers began to die
In this cold night
Thinking in you my darling

And after all love left us, love left us down
And I know, I loved you, now I hate you
Now I can't take whats mine
Ending this for the first and last time no more beg's to you!

I beg!
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