My Present Darkness Testo

Testo My Present Darkness

Laura Pausini nuovo giudice del talent show La Banda
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The night was black and blue moonlit, with endless memories
The future was so clear, so
You'll never call me again
Silence played so blatently
Never shed a tear

I won't accept the facts
Never take you back
You know I want you to
Your heart I can't track, or counter-act
What is left to do

If I thought I knew what you want to do
I wouldn't have started this relationship with you

You tried to hide pain I felt
Heal the damage that you delt
Window breaking in my vains
Wish you felt the same
As I weap myself for weeks
Tourchers always at its peak
Fake monopoly of hate
Shadows darken me through fate

Scarica la suoneria di My Present Darkness!
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