Now Leave Testo

Testo Now Leave

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I don't care what's on with you
and I don't mind what you will do
how Could I've been so blind
you cheated on me from behind
my trust is fading away
after a thousand words I've said
you still don't know what's in my head
you're just not listening to my words
because you don't think that it's worth
oh I can't believe your shame
so I'm just talking about you
but I don't need your name
can you remember all the times
well this is the past
but we stay in the future
our relationship will last
so what's to do when ther is nothing left
till this plahue turns to an end
close your eyes and stay
everything is okay
just trying to be kind
because you're not longer on my mind
and I'm leaving back for more
and I will do all the things my way
because I don't want you here to stay
afraid of looking in your eyes
afraid of hearing all the lies
what are you going to say
when I will cross your way
close your eyes because we will stay friends
I know that you're really hopeful
that you get me back
you're a bitch
I wanna take your heart
push it down on a knife
until the blood flows out
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