It's Us Or You Testo

Testo It's Us Or You

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Hello friends, I'm sure you've all heard we live for the weekend.
Another 9 to 5 to add to the list
that's been adding up so long now, it's in the double digits.

We'll do anything to keep this party goin'.
So let's shake it until the early mornin'.
Leave your problems at the door, put a smile on your face
and get down on the floor.

It's been said: we're the boys who make the best of bad situations.
Making home of shit apartments in bad neighborhoods.
We're all in this together, don't write us off just yet.
We'll do what ever it takes to get your body in motion.
So for one night only we're making a commotion.
With nothing to do and no place to go,
but before we're done here you'll all know that

There ain't to party like the party that we are bringin' to your door,
and we're never gonna stop, so you better get dancin',
get down on the floor.

These lights will show the best of us,
These nights won't be the death of us,
Forget the ones we left behind, we do this all for you.

These lights will show the best of us,
These nights won't be the death of us,
But now it's us, or you.
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