Ain't No Big Deal Testo

Testo Ain't No Big Deal

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
(Spoken:) Reach out, reach out (repeat 3 times)Chorus:Ain't no big deal to say I love you stillCall out my name, I'll be hereAin't no big deal to say my love is realWhen you reach out I'll be therePlease don't be afraid to look me in the eyeSad time is gone, I got no tears to crySo don't so say you don't know I'm rightWhen I say we'll get by(chorus)Nobody makes me feel the way that you doNight time's such a thrill when I spend it with youNow ask me what is on my mindSo I can tell you trueAin't no big thing, uh, yeahReach out, reach outReach out, reach outReach out, reach out, yeah (repeat 3 times)OwwAin't no big thingAin't no big thing(chorus)Got love for you so strong it's making me highDon't know what I'll do if you won't give it a trySo now's the time to make it clearLet me show you why(chorus)Aint no big deal to say I ... love you stillAin't no big dealAin't no big thingAin't no big dealAin't no big thing(repeat and fade)

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