Don't You Know Testo

Testo Don't You Know

You, you make my life much bright, babyYou're always on my mindDon't you know you, you make my load much light, babyTrue love is ours to findYou came along when I was losing my wayYou touched my heart and now I'm ready to sayThat all your sweetness callin' back ugly skiesAnd now I've fallen for the look in your eyesI couldn't ask for moreYou're what I'm looking forOh(chorus)Sometimes I feel I have to get awayI change my mind when I look in your eyesAnd when those clouds come in to darken our dayYou're never gonna hear me say good-byeI couldn't ask for moreYou're what I'm looking forOh(chorus)Don't you know(chorus)Don't you know?Uh, oww, uh, owwUh, oww, uh, oww(Spoken:)Tainted loveOh(chorus)Don't you know(chorus)(repeat and fade)

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