Eva And Magaldi/eva Beware Of The City Testo

Testo Eva And Magaldi/eva Beware Of The City

To think that a man as famous as you are, could love a poor little nothing like meI wanna be a part of B.A. -Buenos Aires- Big AppleShe wants to be a part of B.A. -Buenos Aires- Big AppleJust listen to that, they're onto you Magaldi,I'd get out while you canIt's happened at last, I'm starting to get started,I'm moving out with my manNow Eva don't get carried awayMonotony past, suburbia departed, who could ever be fond of the back of beyondDon't hear words that I didn't sayWhat's that? You'd desert the girl you love?The girl I love?What are you talking about?She really brightened up your out of town engagementShe gave you all she had she wasn't in your contractYou must be quite relieved that no-one's told the papers-so far!I wanna be a part of B.A. -Buenos Aires- Big AppleWould I have done what I did if I hadn't thought,if I hadn't known, we would stay together?Seems to me there's no point in resisting.She's made up her mind you've no choice.Why don't you be the man who discovered her?You'll never be remembered for your voice.The city can be paradise for those who have the cash,the class and the connections what you need to make a splash.The likes of you get swept up in the morning with the trash,if you were rich or middle classScrew the middle classes! I will never accept them!My father's other family were middle class and we were kept out ofSight, hidden from view, at his funeral!Do all your one night stands give you this trouble?Eva beware of the cityIt's hungry and cold, can't be controlled, it is madThose who are fools are swallowed up wholeAnd those who are not becomeWhat they should not becomeChanged in short they go badBad is good for me, I'm bored, so clean and so ignoredI've only been predictable, respectable!Birds fly out of here so why oh why oh why the hell can't II only want variety of society!I wanna be a part of B.A. -Buenos Aires- Big Apple!She wants to be a part of B.A. -Buenos Aires- Big Apple!Five years from now I shall come backAnd finally say, you have your way, come to townBut you'll look at me with a foreigner's eyesThe magical city, a younger girl's city, a fantasy long since put downAll you've done to me was that a young girl's fantasy?I played your city games alright didn't I?I already know what cooks, how the dirty city feels and looksI tasted it last night didn't I?I'm gonna be a part of B.A. -Buenos Aires- Big Apple!She's gonna to be a part of B.A. -Buenos Aires- Big Apple!Eva beware your ambitionIt's hungry and cold, can't be controlled, will run wildThis in a man is danger enoughBut you are a woman, not even a woman,not very much more than a child and whatever you sayI'll not steal you away!

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