Goodbye To Innocence Testo

Testo Goodbye To Innocence

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I don't wanna say goodbye

There are some who believe that I owe them something
But they're wrong, I owe nothing to no one but myself
And there are some who say they created me
But only my parents will have that acclaim
I took it from there, I am to blame


Say goodbye to anonymity
I have to [have to, have to] say goodbye
To privacy, but most of all
To innocence (repeat 3 times)

My life is not a game that I play to entertain you
And if you can do it better, then you're welcome to my fame
I'm not gonna waste my time correcting myths and rumors
You believe what you wanna believe


I don't wanna say goodbye
I don't need a reason to cry
Kinda makes me wanna
Kinda makes me hafta

Stop and think about it (repeat 3 times)
Do I want to?

I don't [getting up and down]
I don't [getting up and down]
I don't [getting down and up]

Up-up, d-d-down, up-up-up

I don't [getting up and down]
I don't [getting up and down]
I don't [getting up and down]

Up-up, d-d-down, up-up-up

Listen up
It always comes down to this (repeat)

Some people have a snake at the base of their spine
That would suck out your life, that would take all your time
They're called feeders
They're not believers but you must not fear it
They're takers

You know you better stop, stop and think about it (repeat 3 times)

Your innocence (repeat 3 times)

I don't wanna say goodbye to innocence
I don't need a reason to cry, innocence

Hold on to your innocence
Hold on [hold on, hold on], hold on to innocence
Hold on

Stop and think about it, say goodbye, think about it (repeat twice)
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