If You Go Away Testo

Testo If You Go Away

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
If you go away
on this summer day
then you might as well
take the sun away

all the birds that flew
in the summer sky
when our love was new
and our hearts were high
when the day was young
and the night was long
and the moon stood still
for the night bird song

if you go away
if you go away
if you go away

but if you stay
i'll make you a day
like no day has been
or will be again
we'll sail on the sun
we'll ride on the rain
we'll talk to the trees
and worship the wind
then if you go i'll understand
leave me just enough love
to hold in my hand

if you go away
if you go away
if you go away

if you go away
as i know you must
there'll be nothing left
in the world to trust
just an empty room
full of empty space
like the empty look
i see on your face

i'd have been the shadow of your dark
if i thought it might
have kept me by your side

if you go away
if you go away
if you go away
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