Sidewalk Talk Testo

Testo Sidewalk Talk

Watchwhere you walk 'cause the sidewalks talkAnd you can't keep a secret from the ground beneath youStep very lightly on the earth belowOr before you know it everyone will knowStreets were paved with a thousand eyesAnd try as you may you can't disguiseThere's only two things that you can't hide fromThat's you and the ground you're walking onChorus:Watch where you walk, 'cause the sidewalks talkYou better watch what you do, what you do'Cause the sidewalk talk can get carried awayYou better watch what you say, what you sayThink when you speak 'cause you ???????? on the streetThey can read what you say so you gotta stay awayFrom words that sting, words are not trueAnd the things you say make a fool of youLittle white lies make the sidewalk cryAnd you can betray with the things you sayWords won't last when you say 'em too fastAnd you've been mislead by the things you've said(chorus)Intermediate:When you're living on the streetLife can be full of miseryFind a place to call your ownMake your heart into a homeYou can do it, uh huh(repeat 3 times)You can do itAfter every word there's a place that heardEvery time your shoe hits the avenueAnd when you've gone they'll sing a songOf the stories you told when you felt so boldYou better think twice when you cross the iceEverything you do comes back to youWhen you're shedding a tear sidewalks will hearWhen your laughter's true they'll run with you(chorus)(intermediate)You can do it, uh huh(repeat 3 times)You can do it(repeat 3 times)(chorus)Sidewalk talk(repeat 3 times)Let me tell ya 'bout sidewalk talkSidewalk talkSidewalk talkSidewalk talk(repeat)Watch out for sidewalk talkSdiewalk talkSidewalk talkSidewalk talkLet me tell ya 'boutLet me tell ya 'boutLet me tell ya 'boutLet me tell ya 'bout sidewalk talk

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