Substitute For Love Testo

Testo Substitute For Love

Itraded fame for loveWithout a second thoughtIt all became a silly a gameSome things cannot be boughtI got exactly what I asked forWanted it so badlyRunning, rushing back for moreI suffered fools so gladlyAnd now I findI've changed my mindChorus:The face of youMy substitute for loveMy substitute for loveShould I wait for youMy substitute for loveMy substitute for loveI traveled round the worldLooking for a homeI found myself in crowded roomsFeeling so aloneI had so many loversWho settled for the thrillOf basking in my spotlight Inever felt so happy(chorus)Mmmmm, ooohhh, mmmmmFamous faces, far off placesTrinkets I can buyNo handsome stranger, heady dangerDrug that I can tryNo ferris wheel, no heart to stealNo laughter in the darkNo one-night stand, no far-off landNo fire that I can sparkMmmmm, mmmmm(chorus)Now I find I've changed my mindThis is my religion

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