Hard To Come Back Testo

Testo Hard To Come Back

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
We're on a roll
We crack and roll in the bar rooms
It's a glorious calling
If you've got nothing much to lose

And you can take it further still
That's all you really want to
Now you will, you will

So what you waiting for?
There's nothing waiting for you here no more

If you go
It will be hard to come back
If you go
It will be hard
Hard to come back
It's hard to come back
It's hard to come back, you know
It's hard to come back


Escudo requisar)

This ain't your house
This ain't your name on the front door
She ain't your true love
You ain't the one you were before

And it will never be enough for you
To go about doing what you used to do
You gonna need something more
You best be headed for the door


It will be hard to come back
it will be hard you know
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