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Snoop Dogg dona 10 miloni di dollari ad un'app che spedisce marijuana a domicilio
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(feat. Stacy Epps)

[Stacy Epps]
Give me a little bit, a little bit
Just a little bit, of your love

Pieces of the dream that I pick up in my mind
is not blind, of our love
Everyday when I look into your brown eyes
I get high, on our love

[Stacy Epps]
I, I get high, look in your, brown eyes
I get high-iiiiiiii-iiiiiii-iiiiiigh
Higher, higher, hi-igher, -igher
-igher, -i-igher, higher, you make me higher
I fly (I fly) I fly (I fly)
I fly (I fly) up high
I fly - take me there, I fly - take me there
I fly

Scarica la suoneria di Eye!
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