World In My Hands Testo

Testo World In My Hands

(Careddu,Maggiora / Le Parc Music)

You have suddenly seen the lights when close to underground
your life is finishing out now when there's no more time you're ready
What have you done? Nothing, but it took a lot of time
Where have you been? Away, not so far (not like an angel)

Oh life has made you confuse your fragile mind
I have decided to give you an answer: you are here, tonight. (Give me an angel)

Follow me, hollow me
unfold your wings and befall the anger
there is nothing more you can do than get your life
and become yourself as you've never believed

Hollow me, follow me
unfold your wings and become your angel
from the cradle to the grave work on yourself:
you can get the world in your hands.

Hidden, the false dreams distressed all your needs and all your tries
anything is what you could be if you get time to see an answer,
then ask your question right.
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