I Just Needed You To Know Testo

Testo I Just Needed You To Know

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
I remember I would drive 95 in the middle of the night just to see you
And I would say for goodness sake could this car go faster.
I'd curse things in between that slowed me down.
You were home talkin' to me on the phone saying
"patience makes this last, dear"
And you were cool as you could be but inside you were aching for me
When I pulled into your little town,
you're standin' on the sidewalk waiting in your nightgown.

Do you remember lying in the grass?
We were there so long i swear i saw it grow.
And that was when i knew our love would last
Cause' we could wait it out - the winter and the snow.
And I just needed you to know ..

We packed everything we had and a blanket in a bag for the weekend.
And you'd say "the perfect getaway is just what we needed."
But oh man when we got there, not a hotel in town, not room to spare.

Do you remember driving home that night?
We sang our favorite songs along the radio.
And it was heaven being by your side -
We made the most of every chance we had alone.
And now I just needed you to know ..

This life is ours for worse, for better. (yeah)
And these dreams we dream along together. (yeah yeah ohh)
Cause' this world is ours to share forever. (yeah)
And everything i do, will be because of you ..yeah everything

It is so clear to me that this was meant to be.
Do you remember watching fireworks?
As we looked into the sky i made my plans.
I did my best to put my love in words
When i knelt down at your feet and took your hands.

Do you remember how it felt that night?
Knowing then and there was where we'd start to grow.
You see, I just needed you to know ..
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