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J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
"I've got a secret," he said,
"We won't spare no people 'cause we need the souls."

This is an open invitation: you can keep their bodies, we're here for the souls

Well God gave me very specific instructions, he said,
"Go down there and start sending roaches and floods and mass destruction."

Because he said, "They've lost the scent
And I don't even care why they didn't repent."
He said, "We need a new creation,
The system's self fulfilling,
It's about to self-destruct."

And He said, "Open up their eyes and let them know that I am very close to them now ,
And I've always known that it would come to this,
And that they finally have something very real to fear,
Because I am very, very close."

Open up their eyes and let them know
I'm very close to them, and
Nothing will be left behind, and
They've got something to fear.
God is very near.

He's got no room for your body,
but He's got a place for your soul, and You'll lose your life
And it might be a terrible blow.

He said, "Burn 'em up. Salt the earth. Do it fast. Make it hurt. Forget about salvation to get a new destination."
He said, "Melt the ice. Clean the snow. Here's a new sensation--it's called destiny, manifest."

Get 'em out of those bodies.
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