We Came Wid It Testo

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Testo We Came Wid It

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(feat. Infinite)

What you want what you want what you want
I'm Mr. Maest, and Infinite

[CHORUS: Singers?? (Maestro) {Infinite}]
We got what you want
(Whatcha whatcha whatcha want)
We got what you need all night (all night)
We got what you want, (Mr. Maest in the place)
(You know we came wid it, we came wid it)
We got what you want
(Whatcha whatcha whatcha want)
We got what you need all night (all night)
We got what you want, {Infinite in the place}
{Yo we came wid it, we came wid it}

I'm like the honorable Allajah, Mohammed
I throw knowledge, my flow solid, poetry so polished
Hit the 3 with 60, flowing infinitely
I got to get mine, Lockdown's rolling with me
Selling smash in the set
From Cataract to Quebec
You jepardizing like you're Alex Trebek
The penetration of my rhyme is like a hollow head
Your head's hollow, brothers wilding
I'm guiding your lift, making you follow
Ain't no stopping me or blocking me
I made the trigger fornicate with the nometry
Shining astronomically
I serenade with black roses
Spit explosives, you can't approach this
I leave your coma where your toes is
Rappers are hopeless, I told you stick to your vision
But the devil made you lose your focus
You didn't notice, this is T-Dot to Lebanon
Forever strong, we seperate your head
From you arm leg leg arm


Yo, you first hear speaking, you ward(?) like wrong reason
Hold decent, grey smoke like clothes reakin
Hill beaken, like them hollow pipes leaking
Foreworks get lit up like long weekends
Some get hit with life trageties
And develop a gangster mentality, salute to my family
I'm long taking, bigorous like bloddy aprons
Boast with your own dose to tell your own people adios
That ice with your sleeve on it and that chain with your name on it
Light up the sky with your brain on it
It's all that I know, so that the way I come on it
It's all that I know, so you could put my f*ing name on it
Maest and Inf platinum hit with the flame on it
Rexdaily on it, send my blood with the aim on it
Spread out the six, those two commas and rain on it
And next year double the same on it

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