Sumthin' Terrible Testo

Testo Sumthin' Terrible

[Nique and Jus]
What the deal this Lil'Nique the microphone master
Yea this is DJ Jus the king from queens na mean you feel me
We bout to hit you with some hottest sumthin terrible
ayo red c'mon

[Verse 1: shortee red]
Playin skelly's red scully, bread belly it's the million dollar kid
Shortee red money flows ridiculous skin tone licorice
You can't get wit this B.K. richie richyou home doin chores
we in Rome doin tours on mini kawasaki's from FAO Schwartz
hot shot toddlers bite like rottweilers grip like pit bulls
put the lock on your dollars make it hard to follow running the road
take the street yellow lines and turn them to gold
haters like them kids cute but not incredible you got that right we
sumthin terrible you edible cookie monster you rookies is tonkers
you still in Mario world its contra
Peewees is here to take over and conquer
Peewees is here to take over and conquer

[Hype 2: DJ Jus]
Yea DJ Jus you know those Biv 10 peewees is bringing hard for the "99"
yo you heard son did you here me yo stasky and hutch yo c'mon
[Verse 2]

(Starsky and Hutch)Starsky and Hutch numero uno you know
here to take over is the dynamic duo brooklyn touch
and you can't take no more so we gone play on
till you haters hate no more ever since mike gave us the word
I'm nice wit mine a peewee and to tight wit mine
biv 10 all-star you don't won't to bump heads wit em
Starsky and Hutch, Tay, and Shortee Red and em
It's Little Kenny son giving you good and plenty son
we paid now and you can't get a penny son
Starsky and Hutch bringing it raw got your ear ringing some more
from Boston to Singapore now how you like that even though
I'm young I flow sick you bets to go get your click
cause I roll with biv 10 and I'm a peewee ya'll can't see me
unless in a video or TV.

[Hpye 3: Lil' Nique]
Yo,yo this is Lil' Nique yo Tay wher you at hit em wit that
blazin hot verse uh, uh, uh, uh c'mon biv 10

[Verse 3: Tay Boogie]
What the deal ya'll it's the kid tay boogie off the mean streets
of brooklyn one tough cookie here's a ugh for your lyrics
bull shh you beats I'm alcatraz hard you fenimine sweet
don't get it confused I'm peewee for life I terrorize studios
while you rock your ice get the projects jumpin
like it's jail house rock my subliminal message made MC's your block
you will never find a shorty equal to this you can't get on tay's level
cause your lyrics is fish on point like arrows skin to bones marrow
sumthin terrible I even scare away shadows move crowds like cattle
when I blaze a track Brooklyn breeds MC's a phenomenal fact oh you
scared but you asked for this Tay Boogie delivers rain, snow, or mist
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