By The Cemetery Testo

Testo By The Cemetery

Through the gripping cold rests an ugly lie
Deadly secrets of an untold life
Locked away in a tomb of sin
Let the pulse run let the blood drop
Carnage- the soul craves relief
Torment- from crawling beneath

A vicious silence swells from underground
Headstones collapse incantations resound
The creature assembled from the abhorrence of man
Lurking under the floor with demonic command

One foolish mistake
The pounding heart begins to ache
Listen to your stupid boy
Or hang upon a hook to die

The crying at midnight
Marked by screams of the clock
The mind's anchored downward
And the doors have been unlocked
Descend into fate witness sanity's fall
As the body's left naked to be tortured and mauled
Acceptance- was it all a lie?
Destruction- disemboweled alive

The unending nightmare constricts from all sides
The fire is burning salvation subsides
With black invocation the knife is plunged deep
Last twitch of the death nerve the slaughter's complete
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