Spaceball Ricochet Testo

Testo Spaceball Ricochet

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Spaceball Ricochet

I'm just a man
I understand the wind
And all the things
That make the children cry

With my Les Paul
I know I'm small
But I enjoy living

Book after book
I get hooked
Everytime the writer
Talks to me like a friend

What can I do
We just live in a zoo
All I do is play
The spaceball ricochet

Deep in my heart
There's a house
That can hold
Just about all of you

I bought a car
It was old but kind
I gave it my mind
And it disappeared

I love a girl
She is a changeless angel
She's a city, it's a pity
That I'm like me, yeah

I said how can I lay
When all I do is play
The spaceball ricochet

Oh baby, the spaceball ricochet
Oh Momma, the spaceball ricochet
Oh baby
The spaceball
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