Hey Little Boy Testo

Testo Hey Little Boy

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Hey little boy,I gave birth to you today hey little boy you 'll be grown up some day you will see the world in a different way you will know about,the evil of today Hush little darling,hush little dear,be not afraid I love you my honey,I love my sonny,have no fear for you are my flesh,you are my blood you are everything baby a part off the life,I loved so much oh yeah when yesterday was gon,I was my own sun Hey little boy,someday you ll be a man yes little boy,you ll be all on your own you will face the world with adult eyes you will feel my pain,it will make you wise Hey little boy,fill your life with dreams it s the only way,face the earth it hurts to cry,so try to laugh we all must die,in the end Text/Music : Marc Morlock (P)1995

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