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Testo Dreaming Land

In my dreams I can see
a new world, without war
In my dreams children ….
…. ……. with no blame

You never saw happiness
Is what the people all need to have
no victims and no clash
you can find the frontiers
to find a little warn and safe

this universal happiness
is where some people need to have
no pride or prejudice
And you’ll find the frontiers
For live and dreaming land

In my dreams all I see
Are precious things
And feel love unconditionally

universal happiness
is how a crazy man will live
no rules, no sacrifice
you can pass the frontiers
you’re ready for a sunny day

and more universal happiness
is what the people really want to have, you know
I wanna realize the …. Of dreaming land
For living 'til the end
Dreaming land, without…

Dreaming land.
Dreaming land.
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