I Love You More Testo

Testo I Love You More

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I wanna be ready for the future,
The past is gone and talk me what to do,
The solitude is over,
I got to know myself,
As many time I wished to find my love
After the rain the sun comes,
Taking the sadness in me,
And all my life shine against the love like a star

I love you more
I need you so
I love you more
I need you so

I want to share this special time with you my baby,
Thinking a chance and all my dreams come true,
I was alone for so long
Looking for something special
And every time I try to find my way
Now we belong together
To make it last forever
And all my life will shine like a star in the sky

I love you more
I need you so
I love you more
I love you so

So trust in me,
This love is like a miracle
And I want you see how much you can
girl let's take it day by day
Come close to me
You are all my sweet sensation
Honey give me all your love tonight
Baby let's us never say goodbye

Don't say goodbye
I love you more
All that you ever now
More and more
Let them show
More and more each day

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