One Shot Testo

Testo One Shot

If I were a builder, then you'd have a castle,
To ride on the highest mountain, and
If i were a billionaire I'd give you every material thing
But unfortunately all i have to give to you is an imperfect heart,
But its a heart that beats only for you

Listen to this, girl if you give me one shot
I will love you forever now
No one will do you better now
Love is a risk but if you give me one shot,
I will show you you're the only girl in the world who can give me this feeling
Baby thats how i feel about you
(you're one in a million)
I rather die than live without you
We can't miss so if you give me one shot
We can do it girl (do it girl)

I'm talking about love in the morning
Just like you want it
Anything you need you can call me for it

Now girl I'm only human, I'm full of many faults
I'm guaranteed to fall short
But you'll never hear about me cheating cuz i never would betray your trust no matter what
I will look to you and only you for love
I treat your soul like it was mine
What a privilege to me to be breathe ur air
Doesn't that say that I care


I'm talking about all my heart
All my soul always say never go

But unfortunately all I have to give to you is an imperfect heart, but its a heart that beats only for you


I'm talking everyday, everynight
The rest of ur days, the rest of ur life

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