I'm Still Here Testo

Testo I'm Still Here

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Oh, you are young and rich und dangerous
And all I want is that you're serious.
And every time you're in my lonely heart
I do(es) it feel, oh you, you play your part.
Oh, I would die for you, if you would stay with me
And I would cry for you, coz you're my sense to be.
If you will kiss me tonight, if you will love me tonight - who knows?


Oh, I'm still here if you need me,
Oh, I'll be there, I'll take care.
Oh, I'm still here if you kiss me,
Oh, I'll be there - oh I swear.

Oh when the night comes falling from the sky,
It's only me and you, oh we can fly.
I say it once, my love, I say it twice:
We're just one step away from paradise.
We're gonna making love if we really try.
And I'm so hypnotized, we learn to fly.
Oh, it's too much for my heart if you will love me tonight - who knows?

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