Wasted Years Testo

Testo Wasted Years

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Traduzione di Wasted Years
Slow is the memory
I can picture her standing right in front of me
Orange blossoms crushed by concrete
I walk around with barefeet
And I know you want me
Can't remember everything
Her skin it tastes like sugar cane
And I had already gotten there before I came
My tank is empty
And I know you're thirsty
I have already tried to explain myself
It's not that I love someone else
But I can't bear to listen to you cry
I'm sick of all these wasted years
A rag for someone else's tears
I wring you out as I hang you out to dry
And I'll see you when I get back
Maybe we can get ourselves back on the right track
You touch me there because you know how much I like that
I think that we will need to relax
And I know you want me
All the time and everywhere
A happy surface but the underbelly isn't there
And the worst thing is that I don't even really care
And the emptiness is too much to bear
C'mon C'mon
Get off the phone
Please come home
It's been so lonely since you've been gone
you won't surround me
up and down me
Be all around me
Baby I can't breathe no more
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